Injecting a mail folder into a users inbox/reconstrcut error

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On 2012-12-05 12:06, Marc Patermann wrote:
> Lars,
> Lars Schimmer schrieb (05.12.2012 11:47 Uhr):
>> Aas I never needed to do it yet, I want to ask for the best way 
>> to restore users email which got lost...
> best is to try before you need it! ;)
>> Situation: running cyrus on debian with users and mailboxes.
>> User deleted on accident a folder in his INBOX (and cyrus did 
>> unlinked the files and removed the folder from disk already). I 
>> do backup from the INBOX structures on disk every night (in a 
>> basic simple way, see it as a snapshot of the mail disks of 
>> cyrus).
>> Now I need a good way to inject the "old" folder 
>> into the live cyrus system. Is it easier
>> to create a new user and copy with imap client? Or just copy the 
>> folder content into a new created folder on users inbox?
> Just copy back the file to the uses mailspool. Since mails are 
> numbered in ascending order no file may be overwriten. Check for 
> ownership and rights! Reconstruct the mailbox with "-rf". 
> reconstruct should discover the now new mailboxes (if you restore 
> whole folders), if not you may create them with cyradm. Sometime
> we create a new mailbox - like - where we restore
> the file, so the user see what was restored and can move it to the 
> place he wants it himself.

Thanks for all tips, but my reconstruct (2.4.12) tells me:> reconstruct -rf user.sef
usage: reconstruct [-r] mailbox> reconstruct -r -f user.sef
usage: reconstruct [-r] mailbox

A simple reconstruct -r user.sef does run flawless, but does not bring
back the folder.

Any hints?

> Marc

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