moving from linux to openindiana

Leena Heino Leena.Heino at
Wed Oct 26 05:31:00 EDT 2011

On Wed, 26 Oct 2011, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:

> Hi, may I safely move the cyrus db (/var/imap) and spool 
> (/var/spool/imap) from linux to an openindiana?

You should not encounter any problems with moving skiplist and plain 
text type databases. Also there should not be any problems moving the 
mailbox data (messages, cache, index etc.)

There might be some problems moving the berkeleydb databases. At least 
earlier the only way to move berkeleydb databases is that you dump them in 
the old architechture/os and recreate them from the dump/restore files in 
the new architechture/os.

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