imapd 2.4.12 hangs

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Oct 21 08:07:12 EDT 2011

> Well, I've been using BDB for years on Cyrus.
> Now I'm rebuilding a new distribution with the latest Cyrus, and I just
> went on with the same
> scheme.
> How do I get rid of BDB? What will it use instead?

skiplist, most databases default to skiplist anyway. Those which still
default to BDB can be configured to use skiplist instead. Works fine for
me and many others.

Of course, I don't say your problems have to do with BDB, it's just possible.


> Gabriele.
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> Da: Simon Matter
> A: Gabriele Bulfon
> Cc: info-cyrus at
> Data: 21 ottobre 2011 12.17.33 CEST
> Oggetto: Re: imapd 2.4.12 hangs
> Hi, I'm still having trouble running 2.4.12, once started, if I connect to
> port 143, I never
> get the hello response, and the launched imapd goes in a loop.
> These is the output of ldd against master, maybe some libraries are bad
> versions?
> Hi,
> Do you build yourself? If so, do you really need BDB? I not, then you may
> want to build without BDB just to make sure to get rid of a possible
> source of problems.
> Regards,
> Simon
> =(0x009ff000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00a81000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00923000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00b76000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x004a3000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00cc8000)
> =/lib/ (0x00a2e000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00300000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00110000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x004a6000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00257000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00cdf000)
> =/sonicle/lib/ (0x00277000)
> =/lib/ (0x00655000)
> =/lib/ (0x0028f000)
> =/lib/ (0x00294000)
> /lib/ (0x00421000)
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