Cyrus Postfix LMTP tuning

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh at
Fri Oct 14 10:53:41 EDT 2011

On Thu, 13 Oct 2011, John Madden wrote:
> > Our Postfix relays (there are 3) seem to make one lmtp connection per
> > message, rather than sending multiple messages down a single connection.
> >
> > Do any Cyrus+Postfix users out there have tuning recommendations?  I see a
> > lot of postfix lmtp_* config options, but I know little about Postfix.
> I make no guarantees about these, but try this out:
> lmtp_destination_concurrency_limit = 50
> lmtp_destination_recipient_limit = 5000
> lmtp_connection_cache_on_demand = no
> lmtp_data_done_timeout = 3600s
> It's been a couple years, but I definitely had oddball issues with LMTP 
> under load and somewhere along the line these options fixed them.  YMMV. 
>   The usual RTFineM about these applies too: 

You should name an specific LMTP transport for cyrus deliveries in postfix'  That way, you can use <transport_name>_<parameter_name> to
configure it, without affecting other potential users of the same transport

E.g.  if you created a cyruslmtp transport (which uses the lmtp binary), you
could have:

cyruslmtp_destination_concurrency_limit = 50
cyruslmtp_destination_recipient_limit = 5000
cyruslmtp_connection_cache_on_demand = no
cyruslmtp_data_done_timeout = 3600s

Obviously you must not do something that would make it impossible to batch
the deliveries into a single ESMTP/LMTP transaction.  If you use a mailing
list, that means you must not enable VERP.

You also want to let cyrus hardlink multi-recipient deliveries when possible
(but watch out for your backups if they duplicate hardlink files, backup
space will be much larger than spool space):

in imapd.conf, add:

singleinstancestore: 1

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