I can't create top-level folders

Marc Patermann hans.moser at ofd-z.niedersachsen.de
Thu Oct 13 06:41:58 EDT 2011


Francesc Guasch schrieb (13.10.2011 12:20 Uhr):
> Hi. I just migrated to cyrus-2.2.
from where, ancient Greece? SCNR ;)

> I wan't to add a shared
> folder so I need to create a top-level folder.
> I login as an admin user to cyradm but I can't create it. I checked
> the permissions, and they look fine. All the partitions are owned by
> the cyrus user.
> I see nothing in cyrus.log nor syslog or auth.log.
> Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
Tell exactly what you do.
Do you have mailboxes yet?
cyradm> lm *
Can you change or create them?
cyradm> cm user.bla.bla
cyradm> lam user.bla.bla

How did you try?
cyradm> cm MySharedFolder

What is your configuration?


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