shared folder seen db

Francesc Guasch frankie at
Wed Oct 5 03:31:15 EDT 2011

On Tue, Oct 04, 2011 at 09:20:19PM -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> Quoting Francesc Guasch <frankie at>:
> > Hi. I migrated a old cyrus-2.1 to a new server with cyrus-2.2.

Hi. Adam, thank you very much for answering me.
> You do realize you've migrated from a fossilized version of Cyrus to
> an antique version of Cyrus?

Hah hah, I am aware. I just thought the best way to upgrade to a
recent version was to do it step by step. The first one was done
with no short of pain. Fortunately cyrus is well enginereed inside
so you can always relay in reconstructing and recreating the .db.
  > > The seen flags from the INBOX and user subfolders seem fine but
> > all the messages from the shared folders are unseen.
> In 2.3.x these are in {metadatadir}/user/{user} either that or the
> equivalent hashed value.  But I think these same seen files are used
> for any the seen state of any folder provided shared-seen-state isn't
> enabled on the folder [does 2.2.x even support shared seen state?].

I don't have shared state and I don't think 2.2 supports it. I'm
fine with that.
> > Where are the old server 2.1 seen databases for shared folders ?
> > How can I dump it to cyrus-2.2 ?
> > It looks like they are not in /var/lib/cyrus/user/username.seen.
> Yes, that seems correct.
> > Any hints ? thank you very much.
> Did you change how namespaces are handled when you upgraded?  Just a

Yes I did, I added partitions.

> guess.  Cyrus 2.1.x is *SO OLD* I have only the vaguest memories how
> to admin that - it is quite a different [and in every way inferior]
> beast than the very nice 2.3 and 2.4 editions.

So maybe the shared folder '.seens' vanished somewhere when
partitions were added. Maybe I could dump the seen database
with ctl_something and restore it again ? Any other clues
would be very appreciated.

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