Cyrus imap server and filesystem type.

David Lang david.lang at
Mon Oct 3 16:13:44 EDT 2011

On Mon, 3 Oct 2011, Josef Karliak wrote:

> Hi there,
> what filesystem type do you use for Cyrus imapd ? I use SLES11x64 (or 
> opensuse 11.4).
> I use Reiserfs3.6, so far so good. But couldn't be better ? :)
> Thanks for share your expericiencies.
> J.K.

ext2/3 were really bad in my experience. XFS works very well for me (except for 
slow expunge times without delayed expunge enabled) ext4 should also work well.

reiserfs3 should work well as well (I don't use it as I dislike the failure mode 
of it's filesystem check with filesystem images)

I don't think you'll get significantly better performance switching to a 
different filesystem, but it's worth checking.

David Lang
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