Question about Cyrus Murder

Milos Zupancic miloszu at
Tue Mar 22 03:30:27 EDT 2011


I have a general question if this setup is an option.
We have a cyrus murder setup with 2 backends, 1 mupdate, and 2 frontservers
(servers are within our LAN). Everything is working as it should.
For external mail access we atm use a webmail solution.
Some of our employees would still like to use a imap access instead of
webmail. Now the question is, is there a way that i could set up an
external frontend (outside of our LAN) server and in some way connect it to
the existing mupdate and backend.
What ports would I need to forward (3905 tcp - mupdate ....) in order to
make this working, what options to enable or disable.

Any suggestion to other solutions would be welcomed.

Milos Zupancic
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