Problem configuring lmtp on cyrus backend

Michael Menge michael.menge at
Wed Mar 16 09:12:01 EDT 2011


i have a problem configuring cyrus backend in a almost traditional
murder setup.

I have one master process which starts the forntend and backend services.
The forntend services use /etc/imapd_fe.conf as config file and listen
on the external network interface and  the backend services listen to
the internal network interfaces and use /etc/imapd_be.conf

The lmtpdproxy delivers the mail to the backend using lmtp over tcp.
The backend lmtpd asks the mupdate server where the mailbox is,
which results in the "wrong" answer that the mailbox is remote.
The backend tries to proxies the mail to an other lmtpd
on the same backend. This results in an infinite loop.
I tried this with 2.4.6 and 2.3.16.

AFAIK the backend config must contain the mupdate_server
because create mailbox, rename mailbox and delete mailbox
information must be send to the mupdate master.
But if mupdate_server is configured lmtpd will ask
the mupdate_server where the mailbox is, which will always
result in an "remote mailbox" as answer

What do i need to change?


     Michael Menge

---------- cyrus.conf -------------------------------

    fe_recover cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"
    be_recover cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -r -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"
    be_mupdatepush cmd="ctl_mboxlist -m -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"

    imap          cmd="imapd -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="localhost:imap" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    imaps         cmd="imapd -U 50 -s -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    feimaps       cmd="imapd -U 50 -s -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    pop3s         cmd="pop3d -s -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    fepop3s       cmd="pop3d -s -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    sieve         cmd="timsieved -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=0 maxfds=1024
    lmtpunix      cmd="lmtpd -U 5 -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="/var/spool/postfix/public/lmtp" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    lomupdate     cmd="mupdate -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf"  
listen="" prefork=1

    beimap        cmd="imapd -U 50 -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"  
listen="be05.mail.localhost:imap" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    beimaps       cmd="imapd -U 50 -s -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"  
listen="be05.mail.localhost:imaps" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    bepop3s       cmd="pop3d -s -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"  
listen="be05.mail.localhost:pop3s" prefork=1 maxfds=1024
    besieve       cmd="timsieved -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"  
listen="be05.mail.localhost:sieve" prefork=0 maxfds=1024
    belmtp        cmd="lmtpd -U 5 -C /etc/imapd_be.conf"  
listen="be05.mail.localhost:lmtp" prefork=1 maxfds=1024

    fecheckpoint    cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf" period=30
    becheckpoint    cmd="ctl_cyrusdb -c -C /etc/imapd_be.conf" period=30

    bedelprune     cmd="cyr_expire -E 3 -X 4 -D 4 -C  
/etc/imapd_be.conf" at=0100

    fetlsprune      cmd="tls_prune -C /etc/imapd_fe.conf" at=0400
    betlsprune      cmd="tls_prune -C /etc/imapd_be.conf" at=0430

    besquatter      cmd="squatter -C /etc/imapd_be.conf -s -r -i user" at=2200

--------------- imapd_be.conf ------------------------------
servername: be05.mail.localhost
configdirectory: /home/cyrus-be
partition-default: /home/cyrus-be
defaultpartition: default
admins: xxxxx xxxxx-xxxxxxx

mupdate_server: mupdate.mail.localhost
mupdate_port: 3905
mupdate_authname: xxxxx-xxxxxxx
mupdate_password: xxxxxxxx
proxy_authname: xxxxx-xxxxxxx
proxy_password: xxxxxxxx

allowusermoves: 1
allowallsubscribe: 1

sievedir: /home/cyrus-be/sieve
sieve_extensions: fileinto reject vacation imapflags notify include  
envelope body relational regex subaddress copy
sieve_maxscriptsize: 150

sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
sasl_mech_list: plain login


M.Menge                                Tel.: (49) 7071/29-70316
Universität Tübingen                   Fax.: (49) 7071/29-5912
Zentrum für Datenverarbeitung          mail:  
michael.menge at
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72074 Tübingen
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