replication catch up after stop

Oszkar Nagy oszkar.nagy at
Fri Mar 11 12:20:47 EST 2011

Hi Guys,

I am kind a faceing the same issue. I have installed the master replica 
set-up. But when I start up the sync-client on a master I get loots of 
errors on a

replica :
syncserver[1720]: [ID 532436 local6.error] IOERROR: failed to parse
syncserver[1674]: [ID 644363 local6.error] Failed to append file user.xxxx

and on a master
sync_client[4668]: [ID 407342 local6.error] do_folders(): update failed: 
sync_client[4668]: [ID 407342 local6.error] MAILBOX received NO 
response: System I/O error
sync_client[4668]: [ID 407342 local6.error] IOERROR: The remote 
Server(s) denied the operation
sync_client[4668]: [ID 407342 local6.error] Error in do_sync(): bailing 
out! The remote Server(s) denied the operation
sync_client[4668]: [ID 402134 local6.error] Processing sync log file 
/var/opt/cyrus/imap/sync/log-4668 failed: The remote Server(s) denied 
the operation

Is it all normal???
Or is there any special way how should I start up sync_client?
Do I need to delete the sync logs perhaps?


I'm using replication with cyrus-imap on CentOS 5.4 rpm version 2.3.7.
It works very well, but occasionally stops (many times my fault). When
restarting everything, there are log files left in the
/var/lib/imap/sync directory with the name log-# where # is most
likely some process number. Many times if I just leave these alone,
they disappear after a period of time. I'm assuming that they have
processed and that everything is in sync and have verified this to be
the case. Some times, however, they just remain in the directory. I've
looked at the documentation, but it doesn't seem to go into any depth
on this subject. Can someone explain how the log files created in this
directory work and if there is a way to manually process these files?

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