remote cryadm questions

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Mar 3 15:00:24 EST 2011

On 03/03/11 11:07 -0800, Gary Smith wrote:
>Thanks for the follow up. I found that the defaultdomain was set to
>"localdomain" and when I changed it to mydomain.local I was able to login
>using "cyrus". I'm not sure how this impacts mail delivery to cyrus-imap
>since this is a dev box nor do I remember why I set it to localdomain some
>years ago. Anyway, that part seems to work now.
>I do another another question though. The web page you showed has the following example:
>cyradm> create user.jill at (create a user)
>All of my legacy email accounts are user/username at domain.tld. Is there a
>reason to use the . over the /? I also notice that when I do autocreate it
>uses / instead of a .

That's the hierarchy separator, which defaults to '.', and changes to a '/'
when the 'unixhierarchysep' option is enabled.

Dan White

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