how do I enable logging the NAME of the file where the email gets delivered through cyrus/lmtp ?

Øyvind Kolbu oyvind.kolbu at
Mon Jun 27 05:35:33 EDT 2011

On 2011-06-27 at 11:32, ion coting wrote:
> ....thank you.

Enable auditlogging in imapd.conf, "auditlog: 1", and then look at the uid
field in the log-file. An example:

auditlog: append sessionid=<imap-sg13-21013-1309143222-1> mailbox=<user.kolbu.postmaster> uniqueid=<3642c23d4d94eeaa> uid=<42403> guid=<310800353d6d27e77989ff74d49422edecf6e2d5>
Delivered: <3af4807e1c263e65fa5db6530cbf024d at> to mailbox: user.kolbu.postmaster

Then to verify:

    # grep Message-ID kolbu/postmaster/42403.
    Message-ID: <3af4807e1c263e65fa5db6530cbf024d at>

Øyvind Kolbu
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