ngnix + cyrus idled + blackberry working slow.

jayesh.shinde jayesh.shinde at
Thu Jun 23 03:40:26 EDT 2011

Hi All ,

I am getting problem of slow  blackberry syncing with nginx and 
cyrus-imapd setup.

Below is the setup details. :--

We have setup the servers with ngnix ( nginx-0.6.39-5.el5 ) and 
cyrus-imapd (cyrus-imapd-2.3.7-7.el5 )
Nginx working for pop3, pop3s, imap and imaps3 with internal cyrus-imapd 
server where actual mailbox are present.

The 1st request coming on nginx and then it get proxy  to cyrus-imapd 
For the users who are using the Blackberry ( BIS ) , for them email are 
syncing slowly say after 2-4-5-10 min.

After analysis we found that when Blackberry make a connection to nginx 
server and then session is not maintain for long period for "idled" 
protocol  on both server.  Because of this emails are not syncing 
instantly on Blackberry.

I checked thunderbird email client with "idled" ,  the emails are 
syncing instantly i.e without delay.

If I use single cyrus-imapd server without ngnix then emails are syncing 
instantly on Blackberry ( i.e session also maintain continuously and 
instant sync )

My queries :--

1) Will blackberry work fine with Ngnix and proxy server to cyrus-imapd
2) Do any one have live working setup like above , how you are managing ?
3) How the Blackberry ( BIS ) is working in that case.
4) Is there any extra setting require in cyrus-imapd for Blackberry ?

I am looking the solution in nginx forum also.

Kindly guide for above

Jayesh Shinde

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