Cyrus with mac-restriction

Bron Gondwana brong at
Thu Jun 16 06:51:32 EDT 2011

On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 16:13:39 +0530
sachin <sachin.murudkar at> wrote:

> Hi Hagedorn
> Thanks for the reply. I need a specific system (mac address) only should 
> be able to use imap and pop service with the help of cyrus.

Cyrus doesn't have access to that low level of data.  All you will
have at the Cyrus level is the remote IP address.

There are various methods you can use here, including operating system
level firewalls that only allow packets from particular MACs through on
particular ports (i.e 143, 110).

I suggest you approach the support forums for firewalls on your
operating system.  This is not something that we can help you with
at the Cyrus level.



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