Blackberry vs Thunderbird on Cyrus

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Jun 1 14:04:47 EDT 2011

On 01/06/11 18:32 +0100, Stuart Bailey wrote:
>I have a customer running Cyrus IMAP and Postfix. They have users with
>Thunderbird clients on their desktops and some Blackberries using the BIS
>They are complaining that sometimes emails appear on the Blackberry 10
>mins before they appear in their mailbox on Thunderbird.
>Apparently the BB is polling every 5 mins, and Thunderbird every minute
>I would like to log when each client polls to see if there are new
>messages. I have activated the telemetry log for the user in question, but
>it only reports when a new message is available, not every poll.  Is there
>a way to increase the login to include every poll? Or do I have to resort
>to using  wireshark?

The description of your telemetry logging problem makes me suspect you're
logging for an admin user, rather than the connecting user. Have you
created a user-named directory underneath <configdirectory>/log/, owned by
the cyrus user?

Do you have an example of your telemetry log? You should be seeing
SELECT/EXAMINE from the client for each poll, and each poll may show up in
a separate <pid> file underneath log/<user>/ depending on whether the
client initiates a new connection when polling.

Dan White

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