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Oh yes I got the same answer privately by anothe user on this list :)
Thanks a lot!
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Oggetto: Re: sql authentication
Quoting Gabriele Bulfon
...tooooo baaaad...................... :(
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Oggetto: Re: sql authentication
"Gabriele" == Gabriele Bulfon
GabrieleLast but not least, my password is encrypted.  My
Gabrieleapplications usually encrypt the typed password with a
Gabrieleselected algorithm, and matches the two encrypted
Gabrieleresults. I may have no way do decrypt the saved password
Gabrielein the db.
I have found no option so far to use encrypted passwords, so mailbox
passwords are stored unencrypted in the database.
You can use pam_sql (pam_pgsql, pam_mysql) to use encrypted passwords
stored in postgresql or mysql via pam.
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