sql authentication

Berend de Boer berend at pobox.com
Wed Jan 26 04:18:59 EST 2011

>>>>> "Gabriele" == Gabriele Bulfon <gbulfon at sonicle.com> writes:

    Gabriele> I would like imapd to authenticate using my db, where
    Gabriele> login is an email.  I've seen many ways to accomplish
    Gabriele> sql authentication, so I don't know which is the right
    Gabriele> one.  At last, how do I map the complete email to a
    Gabriele> cyrus mailbox?  For example, if a user succesfully
    Gabriele> authenticate as name.lastname at domain.com, how does cyrus
    Gabriele> translate it into a user.mailbox?

This is how I do it, and you can indeed do it. There are some good
guides for them, I'm just giving some pointers. Authentication is done
with some SQL like this:

  sasl_sql_select: select password from dm.virtual_user where lower(local_part) = '%u' and domain_name = '%r

and you need to have:

  virtdomains: yes

those are the two key things.

All the best,

Berend de Boer

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