mailbox move between partitions

"Eero Hänninen" fax at
Fri Jan 21 04:27:47 EST 2011


I have large mail system with multiple mail partitions without murder setup.
And time to time there is need to move user mailboxes between partitions.
In cyrus 2.2 it will work fine, but in cyrus 2.4 it says that mailbox
already exists. So my question, have I do something wrong or is there
things changed or will this sound like a bug ?

Tested on two different servers:

Linux Debian Lenny 5 (64-bit)
cyrus-imapd-2.4.6 (pulled via git: branch 'debian-sid' of

configdirectory: /mnt/imapconfig/imap
partition-01: /mnt/mailspool01/mh2_mailspool01
partition-02: /mnt/mailspool02/mh2_mailspool02
partition-03: /mnt/mailspool03/mh2_mailspool03
partition-04: /mnt/mailspool04/mh2_mailspool04
partition-05: /mnt/mailspool05/mh2_mailspool05
partition-06: /mnt/mailspool06/mh2_mailspool06
partition-07: /mnt/mailspool07/mh2_mailspool07
partition-08: /mnt/mailspool08/mh2_mailspool08
defaultpartition: 04
duplicatesuppression: no
annotation_db: skiplist
duplicate_db: skiplist
mboxlist_db: skiplist
ptscache_db: skiplist
quota_db: quotalegacy
seenstate_db: skiplist
subscriptions_db: flat
tlscache_db: skiplist
auditlog: yes
allowusermoves: 1
altnamespace: no
unixhierarchysep: no
lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes
allowanonymouslogin: no
popminpoll: 0
autocreatequota: 10000
lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure: yes
umask: 077
sieveusehomedir: false
sievedir: /var/spool/sieve
hashimapspool: true
allowplaintext: yes
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
sasl_auto_transition: no
sasl_log_level: 0
tls_cipher_list: TLSv1+HIGH:!aNULL:@STRENGTH
lmtpsocket: /mnt/imapconfig/imap/socket/lmtp
idlemethod: no
syslog_prefix: cyrus
# cyradm --server localhost --user x
IMAP Password:
              localhost> info user.zzzn
  duplicatedeliver: false
  lastpop:  7-Apr-2010 18:32:39 +0300
  lastupdate: 20-Jan-2011 05:00:14 +0200
  partition: 08
  pop3newuidl: true
  sharedseen: false
  size: 1886884
localhost> renm user.zzzn user.zzzn 01
renamemailbox: Mailbox already exists

And 2. server:
FreeBSD 8.1-p2 (32-bit)
Cyrus-imapd-2.4.6 (installed via ports)
configdirectory:    /var/imap
partition-default:    /usr/imap
partition-01:     /usr/imap2
partition-02:     /usr/imap3
defaultpartition:   default
sievedir:         /var/imap/sieve
tls_ca_path:      /etc/ssl/certs
tls_cert_file:      /etc/ssl/cyrus/server.crt
tls_key_file:     /etc/ssl/cyrus/server.key
hashimapspool:      yes
allowanonymouslogin:    no
allowplaintext:     yes
timeout:        30
poptimeout:       10
defaultacl:       anyone lrs
reject8bit:       no
sasl_pwcheck_method:    auxprop
sasl_auxprop_plugin:    sql
sasl_sql_engine:    pgsql
sasl_sql_user:      mail
sasl_sql_passwd:    x
sasl_sql_database:    x
sasl_sql_hostnames:   x
sasl_sql_statement:   x
sasl_sql_verbose:     true
mech_list:                 PLAIN DIGEST-MD5 LOGIN
sendmail:         /usr/sbin/sendmail
sieve_maxscriptsize:    32
sieve_maxscripts:   10
dracinterval:     0
drachost:         localhost
unixhierarchysep:   yes
virtdomains:      1
username_tolower:   1
lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure: 1
serverinfo:       min

cyradm --server localhost --user x
localhost> info user/test at
{user/test at}:
  duplicatedeliver: false
  lastupdate: 21-Jan-2011 10:57:07 +0200
  partition: default
  pop3newuidl: true
  sharedseen: false
  size: 259557208
localhost>  renm user/test at user/test at 02
renamemailbox: Mailbox already exists

And seems like nothing useful appears to log..


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