Cyrus 2.4.6: RENAME/XFER problems

Jukka Huhta jukka.huhta at
Thu Jan 20 03:20:31 EST 2011

On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Andrew Morgan wrote:

> I haven't tried to upgrade to 2.4 yet.  What is the problem?> info user.jtest400
  partition: m2v3t-b
  [...]> rename user.jtest400 user.jtest400 m2v3t
renamemailbox: Mailbox is locked

(BTW, m2v3t here matches to both hostname and partition. Not good. But
the symptom is anyway the same if I want to move from m2v3t to
m2v3t-b. Why locked?)> rename user.jtest400 user.jtest400
renamemailbox: The remote Server(s) denied the operation
Log entries:
Jan 20 10:14:54 m2cn1t m2v2t/imap[24709]: kick_mupdate: can't connect to target: No such file or directory
Jan 20 10:14:54 m2cn1t m2v2t/imap[24709]: IOERROR: Mailbox name too long (user.jtest400)
Jan 20 10:14:54 m2cn1t m2v3t/imap[18230]: Could not move mailbox: user.jtest400, LOCALCREATE failed> rename user.jtest400 user.jtest400!m2v2t

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