cyrus imap slow on Fedora 13&14

Damijan Senčar damijan at
Thu Jan 20 01:34:05 EST 2011

On 12/21/2010 09:39 PM, Damijan Senc(ar wrote:
> Hi!
> I migrated cyrus imap server  from an old fedora to Fedora 13
> (cyrus-imapd-2.3.16-3.fc13.i686).
> Works well and fast in  LDAP+Postfix+sasl environment from Thunderbird
> client.
> The problem is when user read big mail boxes (e.g. 1000+ mail in one
> folder) from webclient (Squirrelmail) installed on same or other server.
> The same squirrelmail installation (I only changed imap server address)
> worked well in combination with older cyrus installations.
> Now I tried to find out what is wrong and only thing I found is that
> during reading mail from imap server from web client top command shows
> on imap server 100%wa!
> I tried fresh installation on F13 with same outcome.
> An idea what could be the cause of that problems?
> Thanks,
> DS
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More on solution at:

In short you have to turn the "S" attribute on imap folders off (e.g.
chattr -R -S /var/spool/imap )

I tested it and it solves performance problems.


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