Problems migrate Cyrus 2.2 to Cyrus 2.4

Rodrigo Tornis rtornis at
Wed Jan 12 14:13:09 EST 2011

Hello Guys,

I am in a migration project for Lenny Cyrus2.2.13 Cyrus 2.4.6

My environment Cyrus Aggregator with this where I have two frontends and
backends a second murder

But I am facing the following problem ...

When I try to move the mailboxes to curys 2.4.6 (backend to backend),
the character
"/" changes to "." Example:

user / foo --->

In all the backend parameter is equal unixhierarchysep yes

I am in doubt because this is a normal behavior of Cyrus 2.4.6? Is to maintain
the original structure of the Cyrus 2.2?

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