XFER problems with 2.4.6

karavelov at mail.bg karavelov at mail.bg
Tue Feb 15 13:15:25 EST 2011

----- Цитат от Simon Amor (simon.amor at daily.co.uk), на 15.02.2011
в 17:26 -----   On 15 Feb 2011, at 13:42, karavelov at mail.bg wrote:

Feb 11 14:41:10 stor5 cyrus/imap[11569]: LOSTQUOTA: unable to record 
quota file xxxx.xx!user.000
Feb 11 13:23:47 stor5 cyrus/imap[11445]: Deleted mailbox xxxx^xx! 

This looks similar to when I tried to migrate a mailbox from 2.4.6 
back to 2.3.12, there were some weird log entries that had mismatched 
'.' vs '^' substitutions. unixhierarchysep is set to on for both 

Yes the same problem occurs for me if I try to move users from 2.4.6 back
to 2.3.16 server, but I decided that there was some compatibility problem
between versions. 

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