kick_mupdate error message

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Dec 28 13:38:28 EST 2011

I moved a test mailbox from one cyrus backend (v2.3.16) to another backend 
(2.4.13beta1).  The move succeeded with the following log entry on the new 

Dec 28 10:22:20 cyrus-be1 imap[4802]: login: [] cyr_proxy PLAIN User logged in
Dec 28 10:22:20 cyrus-be1 imap[4802]: kick_mupdate: can't connect to target: No such file or directory
Dec 28 10:22:20 cyrus-be1 imap[4802]: Index upgrade: user.morgana (10 -> 12)
Dec 28 10:22:21 cyrus-be1 imap[4802]: USAGE cyr_proxy user: 0.004000 sys: 0.028001

The kick_mupdate message comes from the kick_mupdate() function in 

     strlcpy(buf, config_dir, sizeof(buf));
     strlcat(buf, FNAME_MUPDATE_TARGET_SOCK, sizeof(buf));
     memset((char *)&srvaddr, 0, sizeof(srvaddr));
     srvaddr.sun_family = AF_UNIX;
     strcpy(srvaddr.sun_path, buf);
     len = sizeof(srvaddr.sun_family) + strlen(srvaddr.sun_path) + 1;

     r = connect(s, (struct sockaddr *)&srvaddr, len);
     if (r == -1) {
         syslog(LOG_ERR, "kick_mupdate: can't connect to target: %m");
         goto done;

How is this supposed to work?  mupdated is running on another host, so why 
is it trying to connect via a unix socket?


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