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Wed Dec 21 07:10:44 EST 2011

Thanks for the replies, I finally realised that it's no wonder there aren't any mails showing up- on the live server 'hashimapspool' was on but it was off on the testserver so it couldn't see the mail. Dumb mistake on my part. 

One question though- is it correct that reconstruct will also upgrade the index files as indicated here ?


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> Hi,
> I have a problem that someone might have a solution for. I have two
> servers running cyrus imap 2.3.14 which is built against libdb-4.2. I would like
> to upgrade them to 2.4.12. 
> As the indexes need to be upgraded I would like to test this beforehand so
> I restored the mail to a test machine and ran cyrus-imap 2.4.12.
> Unfortunately I got "IOERROR: opening index System I/O error" for each and
> every mailbox. I was hoping that this might be to the fact that on this
> machine the imapd was built against libdb-4.7 which is the version installed
> on the system but the index files where created by an imapd using
> libdb-4.2. Permissions on the files and directories are correct.
> So I downloaded libdb-4.2 installed it and tried to build cyrus-imap
> 2.4.12 against it to no avail- no matter what I tried it built against libdb-4.2
> but linked against libdb-4.7 ("incorrect version of Berkeley db: compiled
> against 4.2.52, linked against 4.7.25"). I used --with-bdb
> --with-bdb-libdir --with-bdb-incdir LDFLAGS und CPPFLAGS. Nothing. 
> So I thought what the heck, let's reconstruct the mailboxes but I can't
> seem to get them to. Reconstruct runs without an error but the mailboxes are
> being shown as empty. What am I missing ?
> Regards
> Stephan
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