Newbe: Help on cyrus-imapd mailbox listing...

Scott Lambert lambert at
Tue Dec 20 12:36:06 EST 2011

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 11:47:55AM +0100, Klaus Tachtler wrote:
> Hi Jeroen,
> > On 2011-12-20 9:40, Klaus Tachtler wrote:
> >> How can i see all mailboxes, when i come from localhost OR
> >> Is that possible?
> >
> > What configuration do you have for virtual domains?
> Here my /etc/impad.conf
> admins: cyrus
> defaultdomain:
> unixhierarchysep: 1
> virtdomains: on
> When i stop using virtdomains, solves this the problem?

I run a config similar to yours.  I need to authenticate users for
multiple domains which have legacy customers who only specify the
localpart of their e-mail address as their username.  So, I need
the PTR to realm mapping which "virtdomains: on" provides.

I made sure localhost did not resolve to defaultdomain (or any of
the other virtdomains), and could use the cyrus user (and cyradm)
on localhost.

I then wanted to be able to run cyradm from other hosts on the same
LAN so I added another IP address to the LAN interface which did
not have a PTR to defaultdomain (or any of the other virtdomains)
and that works.  I used a address because I did not need
or want it accessible from outside my network.

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