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Blake Hudson blake at ispn.net
Wed Dec 7 18:03:44 EST 2011

I see some mention back in 2004 on this list about preliminary logwatch 
script creation for Cyrus. It looks like there's nothing official 
(couldn't find mention of logwatch in the cyrusimap.org site, didn't see 
anything in the latest release tar.gz) and no logwatch script for Cyrus 
is included with my distribution's RPM package (CentOS).

I did find this dated version 
<http://ftp.psu.ac.th/pub/cyrus/cyrus.logwatch.tgz> written by Sebastian 
Hagedorn <Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de> for an older version of Cyrus and 
Logwatch. As some of the Cyrus logging has changed, and logwatch file 
formats and locations may have changed over time, I would expect a 
little bit of effort might be needed to get this script working on a 
modern install.

Is anyone currently using logwatch with Cyrus? Does anyone use another 
tool to summarize the logs for stats like the number of connections, 
(failed) logins, authentication mechanisms, deliveries, duplicates, etc?

Thanks in advance,
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