Virus Scanning moved imap files

Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Thu Dec 1 05:51:28 EST 2011


Shelley Waltz schrieb (30.11.2011 19:16 Uhr):

> Yes, I  looked into this on-access scanner.  What I was thinking was
> more like the postfix amavisd model, where the incoming goes through
> a filter before arriving at inbox.   Is there a way to do this with
> sieve - send mail to a filter?
IMHO Sieve neither works if you manipulate the mailbox by IMAP, but when 
the message is injected by LMTP e.a. /from the outside/.

[To compare with postfix: amavis normally does not interact with 
inner-posfix actions like moving a mail from one queue to another, but 
when the mail arrives from outside.]

But have a look at what Dave just suggested.


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