cpu and cyrus

John Madden jmadden at ivytech.edu
Wed Aug 31 16:34:21 EDT 2011

>> So annoying that the stable release of debian isn't supported
>> anymore. It seems like if you wait so long to release the stable
>> version that it isn't supported anymore, it sort of defeats the
>> purpose.
> Debian have been staying at 2.2 rather than moving up to 2.3 through
> two stable releases now.  There is a limit to how long you can hold
> on to the past.  Cyrus 2.3.0 was released in December 2005.

There's a lesson here that I learned from the OpenLDAP folks that is 
re-enforced with Cyrus (and many other packages): You can't rely on your 
OS distributor beyond a certain scale.  RHEL's OpenLDAP packages are 
fine a thousand objects, no good at all for a million.  Some of the 
problems are too complex: imagine Debian delivering a functioning Murder 
out of the box or Red Hat combining the right version of BerkeleyDB with 
the right version of OpenLDAP.  No thanks.

It's well worth your time to maintain your own compiles and even 
packages of Cyrus because the package maintainers can't keep up.


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