After upgrading to 2.4.10 my log gets flooded

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Mon Aug 29 15:11:45 EDT 2011


today I upgraded from 2.3.16 (brought by Scientific Linux 6.1) to 2.4.10 (self 

Since that everytime an IMAP folder is opened, my log is flooded by many of 
the following messages:

 > Aug 29 20:50:33 chromosom imap[19289]: IOERROR: stating flat 
/var/lib/imap/user_deny.db: No such file or directory
 > Aug 29 20:50:33 chromosom imap[19289]: DENYDB_ERROR: error reading entry 
'muehlfeld': cyrusdb error

I read on the web, that I can simply touch that file to create it (and set 
owner to cyrus). But then the message changes to:

 > Aug 29 21:01:52 chromosom imap[23562]: fetching user_deny.db entry for 

Also I get a huge amount of the following log entries for every time a folder 
is opened:

 > Aug 29 21:01:52 chromosom imap[23785]: seen_db: user muehlfeld opened 

Can I just ignore the messages by rsyslogd? Or is there a change to fix this?


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