Cyrus 2.4.11beta1 Released

Bron Gondwana brong at
Fri Aug 12 17:45:26 EDT 2011

We are pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.4.11beta1.

You can download it from the snapshots directory:

This is an beta release in the 2.4.x series.

This release fixes includes quite a lot of bugs, and
includes patches from many authors via the bugzilla.

You can see the full changelog in git or in the
doc/changes.html file.  I'll paste that here:

* fixed replication recovery from different messages at the each end
* Bug #3489 - fixed quotalegacy handling of prefixes so only exact subfolders match
* Bug #3491 - NOOP and AUTHENTICATE for timsieved, thanks Dilyan Palauzov
* Bug #3492 - better response codes for timsieved, thanks Dilyan Palauzov
* Bug #3497 - fix cmd syslog from master, thanks Kristof Katus
* Bug #3503 - compilation of perl libraries on dragonfly and freebsd, thanks OBATA Akio
* Bug #3451 - allow CC to have spaces
* Bug #3505 - fix sync_reset, thanks David Carter
* Bug #3506 - use literal+ for sync_(client|server), thanks David Carter
* Bug #3300 - use portable function for TCP constants, thanks OBATA Akio
* Bug #3507 - fix replication recovery with non-delayed expunge, thanks Julien Coloos
* Bug #3495 - improved duplicate suppression, thanks Kristof Katus
* Bug #2772/3463 - fixed crashes in THREAD by correcting folding of references headers
* Bug #3439 - fix ugly syslog message for vacation

I really appreciate all the work everyone has been
putting in to stabilising Cyrus!

Please send any feedback to the cyrus-devel mailing list.
I'm hoping to have a stable 2.4.11 out soon.



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