Input on patch for ptclient/ldap requested

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) vanmeeuwen at
Mon Aug 8 20:08:16 EDT 2011

Hi there,

I wanted to ask who is actively using ptclient/ldap, as I have some inhouse 
patch pending on the canonification using some sort of result_attribute, if 
you will.

We currently have under consideration whether everything, life and the 
universe should be configurable before the patch is accepted upstream, which 
is to say (pardon my postfix lingo);

- result_attribute_format,
- leaf_result_attribute,

but also;

- group_filter_scope,
- group_result_attribute

Which is to say, we have a deployment extensively using 'nsroledn' -which 
functionally behaves like a 'memberOf', and the question then becomes if you 
want to use the 'cn' attribute for groups -which most often is not enforced to 
be a unique attribute value for groups, but is automatically unique is the 
search scope for groups is 'one' and the 'cn' attribute builds the 'rdn'.

Long story short, I would like to know of other people who use ptclient/ldap, 
or have attempted to do so but failed, and the various use-case / deployment 

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Senior Engineer, Kolab Systems AG

e: vanmeeuwen at
t: +44 144 340 9500
m: +44 74 2516 3817

pgp: 9342 BF08

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