Android, outgoing messages not saved on server

Stephen Ingram sbingram at
Fri Aug 5 10:22:25 EDT 2011

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 7:05 AM, Paul van der Vlis <paul at> wrote
>> Op 05-08-11 16:01, Stephen Ingram schreef:
>> Paul-
>> You typically have to tell the phone to use the Sent folder on the
>> server rather than the local Sent folder. This is typically found in
>> the configuration for the email account.
> My customer did not found this setting. He found an setting for a path,
> we've tried "INBOX" and "INBOX.".
>> As far as the INBOX.Sent, are
>> you using altnamespace: yes in your imapd.conf?
> No, I am using the default on this server.

You have to use altnamespace: yes to get rid of the INBOX.Sent.

> Many people are writing me to use the K-9 client.

Yes, I thought that's what you were using. You can adjust the sent,
drafts, deleted, etc. folders with the later versions of this


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