IOERROR: zero index/expunge record

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Wed Aug 3 17:13:16 EDT 2011

Am 03.08.2011 22:37, schrieb Bron Gondwana:
> And let's have copies of your imapd.conf and cyrus.conf while
> we're at it.



> So you have corrupted cyrus.index files. I don't suppose you kept any
> of them?

I can send you a copy of a complete broken mail folder including cyrus.cache, 
cyrus.cache.NEW, cyrus.header, cyrus.index, cyrus.index.NEW and mails. It's 
nothing secret. It's a subfolder of my mailbox where I put the mails from this 
mailing list in. I'll send it in a separate mail to your address.

> Do you have delayed expunge?

Where can I check this?

> I do recommend upgrading to 2.4.10, despite the initial IO hit of the
> upgrade. The repack on expunge in 2.3.x was really, really complex
> and buggy.

If there is a change, we would stay at the version that comes with the 
distrubution, because then we can easily update on bugs or security issues 
through the repository. But if there's a bug, that could be fixed I, or 
whoever, can send it to redhat.

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