IOERROR: zero index/expunge record

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Aug 3 03:47:25 EDT 2011

> Am 03.08.2011 06:55, schrieb Simon Matter:
>> Something is wrong with "the database" because Cyrus-imapd uses a number
>> of databases. So I guess here is a problem.
> I removed cyrus.cache, cyrus.index and cyrus.header out of the users
> broken
> mailbox and run a reconstruct to recreate them. For some mailboxes this
> fixes
> the issue. But for some it comes back after hours or days.
> I also read that I should run
> db_recover -h /var/lib/imap/db
> while the cyrus services are stopped. But this doesn't help either.
> What other databases could be affected and how can I fix them?

Well, I don't know what configuration EL6 ships with. At least the
db_recover command above will only work on BDB but not on skiplist
databases. What does "file /var/lib/imap/*.db" show?


>> Do you not see any other errors in the Cyrus logs?
> No. The
>  > imap[21918]: IOERROR: zero index/expunge record 41/47
> errors are the only ones.
> Regards,
> Marc

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