Deleting an Invalid User mailbox

Simpson, John R john_simpson at
Thu Apr 28 09:38:18 EDT 2011

Somehow we ended up with baduser at, and every attempt to delete it results in an "Invalid User" error from cyradm.  We're running Cyrus 2.3.16-10 on CentOS 5.5 using the Invoca RPMS (thanks Simon), no murder, and have unixhierarchysep set to 1.  One of the admins deleted the user's files and directories from the filesystem before I was aware of the issue.

I hate to bother the list with a relatively trivial issue, but this is causing one of my replication validation tests to fail and I wouldn't want to miss a valid problem because of bogus user.

Thanks in advance,


[root ~]# cyradm -user cyrusadmin localhost
localhost.localdomain> lm *baduser*
user/baduser/Drafts at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser/Drafts at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser/Sent Items at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser/Sent Items at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
user/baduser at (\HasChildren)
user/baduser at (\HasChildren)

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