sync_client and seenptr

Antonio straicher at
Fri Apr 22 01:08:13 EDT 2011

hi all,

sometimes the sync_client die with the message that a assert failed ...
I've seen that seen_open() in seen_db.c returns a code != 0 if
something failed, and the sync_client simply ignore and return 0 in this case ...

is necessary the assert check into the code or can i comment out it ?


static int do_seen(char *user, char *uniqueid)
    int r = 0;
    struct seen *seendb;
    struct seendata sd;

    /* ignore read failures */
    r = seen_open(user, SEEN_SILENT, &seendb);
    if (r) return 0;


int seen_open(const char *user,
    int flags,
    struct seen **seendbptr)
    struct seen *seendb = NULL;
    char *fname = NULL;
    int dbflags = (flags & SEEN_CREATE) ? CYRUSDB_CREATE : 0;
    int r;

    assert(*seendbptr == NULL);

tanks in advance

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