Regex in sieve broken in 2.4?

Øyvind Kolbu oyvind.kolbu at
Wed Apr 13 13:03:17 EDT 2011

We recently upgraded a few of our imap servers to 2.4.8beta1 from 2.3.16
and found that sieve filters with regex are broken. The filtering rule is
ignored and the message delivered to INBOX, so at least not gone.

Example filter:

    require  ["fileinto","regex"];

    header :regex :comparator "i;ascii-casemap" "X-UiO-Spam-score" "s{3,}"
    { fileinto "INBOX.spam"; stop; }

This fails to compile on 2.4.8:
    root at tmp# sievec phpscript.script phpscript.bc
    Unable to parse script: script errors:
    line 4: bad argument at offset 0     
while on 2.3.16 this is no problem:
    root at tmp# sievec phpscript.script phpscript.bc
    root at tmp# 

The filter is generated using the avelsieve plugin in Squrrielmail. Neither
of them have defined the option sieve_extensions in imapd.conf.

./configure reported that it found pcre headers:
    checking pcreposix.h usability... yes
    checking pcreposix.h presence... yes
    checking for pcreposix.h... yes
    checking for utf8 enabled pcre... yes

and sievec and other binaries are linked with libpcre.

Any ideas?

Øyvind Kolbu
University of Oslo
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