multipart message with pdf file gets truncated

Julien Vehent julien at
Thu Apr 7 17:20:32 EDT 2011

 On Thu, 7 Apr 2011 15:53:12 -0500, Mike Eggleston wrote:
> On Thu, 07 Apr 2011, Julien Vehent might have said:
>>  Hi list,
> Afternoon.
> My setup is:
> cloud mail -> DMZ sendmail <- internal sendmail -> cyrus
> Mail comes from the outside to the DMZ sendmail for spam and virus
> checking. The mail is held until the internal sendmail server pulls
> the mail (a script I wrote), then the internal hands the email to the
> internal cyrus for delivery.
> My truncation problem was happening when the internal server pulled
> the mail, then injected the mail into the internal sendmail. At the
> reinjection time there were a few messages that had a dot (.) in 
> column
> one. Per the RFC a dot (.) in column one is the signal to end the 
> input session (the data command).
> I needed to look for a dot (.) in column one and adjust the message
> before reinjection.

 That's an interesting scenario. I will run a tcpdump and see what 
 However, in my case, wouldn't gmail's server behave the same way and 
 trunk the message at the dot ?


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