Error undeleting a mailbox (2.3.x)

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Tue Apr 5 14:36:49 EDT 2011


So I have the deleted mailboxes...

localhost.localdomain> lm DELETED.user.ngeorge.%
DELETED.user.ngeorge.4D921838 (\HasNoChildren)
DELETED.user.ngeorge.ALLIANCE INTERIORS (\NonExistent \Noselect
DELETED.user.ngeorge.BHARAT (\NonExistent \Noselect \HasChildren)
DELETED.user.ngeorge.Bridgewater (\NonExistent \Noselect \HasChildren)

I can "renm DELETED.user.ngeorge.4D921838 user.ngeorge" which seems to
restore the mailbox.  But "renm DELETED.user.ngeorge.JLL
user.ngeorge.JLL" fails with "renamemailbox: Mailbox does not exist".

Is this a bug, failure, or am I missing something obvious?

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