Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Thu Sep 23 13:30:31 EDT 2010

On 9/22/2010 10:20 PM, Shuvam Misra wrote:
> I was a strong advocate of bundling DB libraries, etc, with Cyrus. The
> points you've made here are very interesting. I didn't know many of these
> things. I'm re-thinking whether bundling is such a good idea now. Thanks.

There's a lot to be said for the Mac OS X approach.  However, as someone
already pointed out, most distributions won't allow this (for many
reasons), so it's pointless to even talk about going there.

Better to just use an internal DB codebase (like skiplists) that has
nothing to do with Sleepycat.  But then someone has to write and
maintain this code.

I think the best compromise I've heard yet is to use something like
skiplists by default and make the use of libdb an optional feature like
the use of mysql.

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