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Wed Sep 22 11:48:31 EDT 2010


> Kolab Systems is thinking of such SQL databases for integration purposes,
 > where the performance penalty now lies within having to use the IMAP
 > protocol to gain access to the underlying metadata (seen status, message
 > indexes) in distributed groupware environments where Cyrus itself is not
 > the only component that needs access to such information (but would still
 > remain authoritative, of course, and would be the only component with 
 > access to most tables).
> While not necessarily the best approach, it seems worth exploring.

What makes you think the query parsing and other overheads of SQL will 
be faster than IMAP?
I'd be interested in any numbers that you might have to support the effort.

The big downside to using an SQL database is the enormous temptation to 
point all the Cyrus servers at the same Database server and lose the 
redundancy and scalability inherent in a multi node or Murder setup.


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