Marc Patermann hans.moser at
Mon Sep 20 09:59:22 EDT 2010


where does Cyrus IMAPd stand today?
When I was starting to think about moving to a open source mail system 
(migrating away from Lotus Domino btw.), there ware Cyrus IMAPd, Courier 
and UW-IMAP I think.
Cyrus was the only "full flavored" IMAP server with active development. 
We were going the 2.2. path, while 2.3 seemed to "fresh". So there was 
On the other side there were still many people complaining about Cyrus 
being too complex and too unstable with all the BDB fiddlings.

Then dovecot emerged and quickly evolved. I don't know why, but I seemed 
to become everyone's darling the the favorite IMAP server to many 
people. It came up with SIEVE and ACLs, which before were more or less a 
domain of Cyrus. And yet it is still evolving fast, with "easy" 
replication mechanisms, SIS etc.
And still, if someone asks a mailing list (not here certainly) how to 
start with IMAPd, many people shout, to go with dovecot and not using Cyrus.
I don't know, where this bad karma is coming from - I'm still happy with 
Cyrus. One point may have been from the documentation, that's why I 
really appreciate the new web site. I hope it will help.

But where does Cyrus IMAPd stand today?
It may be Murder/Aggregator - but how to get the people, when on first 
contact, where they just need a simple IMAP server, they are pointed to 
other product, which they then stay with?


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