De-duping attachments

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at
Wed Sep 15 05:03:28 EDT 2010

Dear Bron,

> So you save, what, 50%.  Does that sound about right?  Do you have
> statistics on how much space you'd save with this theoretical
> patch?

No, and this is the first thing I want to do. I'm getting some simple
utilities developed which will run all week (niced suitably) and extract
and MD5sum each attachment. I'll then count how many unique message-IDs
have the same unique document, and I'll get a report. This has been under
discussion in our group for some time --- let me get this done and I'll
let all of you know.

> You're buying a few months.  Usage grows to fill the available storage,
> whatever it is.  And you can only pull this piece of magic once.

Unfortunately, you're totally right. The junk will keep growing.


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