Importing/moving an older cyrus message tree into a new system, without IMAP

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Sep 15 00:16:14 EDT 2010

On 15/09/10 06:46 +0530, Shuvam Misra wrote:
>What are "annotations"?

Annotations are defined in RFC 5257.

They allow an admin to add metadata to a mailbox (or the server). The
cyradm utility sets annotations with its internal info, mboxcfg, and
setinfo commands.

>> /var/lib/cyrus/tls_sessions.db
>You were saying these are transient data -- can one skip this?


>> /var/lib/cyrus/deliver.db
>This too can be skipped right? They won't affect the user's perception of
>his emails, mailfolders, ACLs, quotas, flags, etc.


>> /var/lib/cyrus/domain/e/
>>   backend for mailbox keys
>What are mailbox keys?

It's for URLAUTH. See RFC 4467, and:

Dan White

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