Using cvt_cyrusdb to convert quota database from skiplist back to quotalegacy.

Eric Luyten Eric.Luyten at
Tue Sep 14 17:58:03 EDT 2010


I am having trouble converting a quota skiplist db back to quotalegacy
format (I know... this is probably not the most common Cyrus operation :-)

% cvt_cyrusdb /ssd/cyrs/imap/quotas.db skiplist /ssd/cyrs/imap/quota quotalegacy
Converting from /ssd/cyrs/imap/quotas.db (skiplist) to /ssd/cyrs/imap/quota
% find quota -type f | wc -l
% strings quotas.db|wc -l

"quotas.db" was created using the reverse operation and took about one minute.
I renamed the original 'quota' directory out of the way before making the
second cvt_cyrusdb call.

Closer inspection of the newly created 'quota' directory reveals 125 quota
descriptor files named user.aXXXXXX created under 'a', all relating to
existing top level mailboxes and containing the correct information, and
(curiously) one file named 'u' in directory 'u'.

I also tried a Berkeley DB intermediate format and the creation
of the quotalegacy structure failed in an identical way.

Other question : would I be better off with 65,000 small files
(quotalegacy) in a one-level hash or with a single skiplist db
for my quota information, when the files reside on solid state
storage anyway ?

Eric Luyten, Computing Centre VUB/ULB.

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