Importing/moving an older cyrus message tree into a new system, without IMAP

Dan White dwhite at
Mon Sep 13 18:47:50 EDT 2010

On 13/09/10 18:14 -0400, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
>  I have an older system that crashed - cyrus version is a couple years
>or so old.  I have 1000's of messages in the spool that I need to
>preserve.   My question is about whether there's a way to import that
>huge tree of messages into a new cyrus installation without imap-to-imap

If you're not concerned about your quota database, seen state, annotations,
and subscription information, and assuming you've already regenerated your
top level mailbox hierarchy, then you should be able to copy over the
individual email files from each mailbox to the new server and perform a
reconstruct on each mailbox (with the -r recursive option).

If the new location is already live, then you'll need to be careful that
you don't hit any filename collisions between the old server (e.g. email
'123.') and the new server.

You may also be able to copy over the primary database files (like your
<configdirectory>/mailboxes.db), if your library version and cyrus versions
match between the old and new servers. If not, you may need to use
cvt_cyrusdb to convert the database from the old server to flat or skiplist
and convert them back to their native format on the new server (berkeley db
version mismatches are particularly a problem here).

I would consider not copying over your deliver.db, tls_sessions.db, or your
pts_cache.db if it exists. Those databases contain transient information
that most consider to be non-critical.

Dan White

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