Store documents in IMAP folders

J. Roeleveld joost at
Sun Sep 12 05:50:44 EDT 2010

On Sunday 12 September 2010 11:27:57 Julien Vehent wrote:
> Hello cyrus list,
> I am wondering if it would be possible to use mailboxes as document
> repositories (in addition to emails) and how it could be done. Should the
> document be wrapped in a MIME envelop before being uploaded ? Any software
> that would actually do that ?

I sometimes do this to store a document that I want to keep quickly from a 
public PC.
I basically create a draft-email and attach the document to this.
This can be done with any email-client (including webmail)

As for using it as a proper document-storage, you would need to find something 
that stores documents as attachments to emails/drafts in an IMAP-folder, but I 
would assume there are better tools for that already.


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