A beginner question about Murder

Shuvam Misra shuvam.misra at merceworld.com
Wed Sep 8 14:41:40 EDT 2010

Dear all,

If I have, say, three IMAP servers each hosting a few thousand mailboxes,
and I want to aggregate all of them for the IMAP client, I'll run Murder
on one of the servers.

1.  Can I run Murder on one of the back-end servers? If yes, it will act
    as an aggregator for incoming connections from clients, and it will
    also serve a part of the mailboxes. This means that the murder daemon
    (whatever it is called) will sometimes talk to the local IMAP daemon.
    Does this work?

2.  If yes to the last question, then can I run Murder on all my three
    IMAP daemons? This way, I'll be able to distribute the load of both
    aggregating and mailbox serving across all my servers, if I can tell
    my IMAP clients to distribute their connections across these three
    Murder servers.

Can this sort of setup work? If yes, is this is a good idea, compared to
dedicated aggregator hardware and dedicated mailbox-serving servers?

I've never set up Murder (I'm sure it's obvious) and I'm wondering about
what architecture works well. We're trying to build some multi-IMAP-server
setups for one or two of our customers.


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