patches for cyrus murder/aggregator honor serverlist and defaultserver options on Debian

Andre Felipe Machado andremachado at
Wed Sep 8 08:05:28 EDT 2010

I have been testing a cyrus murder/aggregator setup on Debian Lenny.
After some ddd debugging sessions I found the need for 3 patches at Debian cyrus
2.3.16 "hmh" branch in order to frontend honor the "serverlist" and
"defaultserver" options when working in a cyrus murder/aggregator setup.

Without the patches, when one creates a new top level mailbox without specifying
backend!partition, cyrus creates a bogus one at the frontend-only server. And it
cannot be moved to a backend, locking-up frontend when accessing it.

With the patches
cyrus2.3 creates on a backend server when a partition is not given, and a
defined backend!partition when it is given, thus compatible with client standard
imap functions (php in our case).

During the ddd sessions and other tests I was not able to effectively test the
usefulness and correctnes of the
120_murder_frontend_default_server_annotate.dpatch . 
Please, *very carefully* evaluate it.
Please, tell us if such patch missed the point.
Also, more testers are needed.

As we are running an already patched Debian cyrus murder/aggregator 2.3.16 hmh
branch , the sent patches may be not promptly applied to pristine cyrus source.

Andre Felipe Machado


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