New Cyrus project site and bugzilla

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Fri Sep 3 11:26:19 EDT 2010

Good morning,

I'm pleased to announce that we are migrating over to a new website and 
bugzilla server today.

The new site is now available at, 
notwithstanding any DNS cache issues (I forgot to lower the ttl, so you 
may end up still hitting the old server until later today).

We're very interested in growing the Cyrus project and attracting new 
volunteers to contribute to the project, and that desire is at the core 
of why this migration is taking place.  The biggest change is that we're 
trying to separate the environment from Carnegie Mellon University 
infrastructure as much as possible.  Previously, contributions of any 
kind would end up requiring us to create a CMU computer account for a 
willing volunteer.  We can now simply create local shell accounts as 
required.  Almost the entire website has been created using MediaWiki 
software, so anyone who is willing to register for an account may update 
the website content.

There is still a lot of work to do before this migration is complete, so 
you may find some stale links, places where I don't yet have redirects 
set up from the old servers, etc.  If you encounter these, please feel 
free to fix them if you already have access, request access to fix them 
if you don't, or simply report them.

In particular, the old bugzilla server is currently not running so 
nobody may accidentally update things there.  If you need bugzilla 
access today, you can be sure you're talking to the new server by either 
following a link from or by directly visiting

Lastly, I'd like to graciously thank Yoni Afek, the web designer who did 
the bulk of the work necessary to make all this happen with little or no 
direction along the way.  Please don't hesitate to contact him at if you require his services.

Thank you,


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